What does Counselling mean?

Counselling is an adventure; a journey of growth, self-discovery and sometimes healing. And as most journeys it will have its ups and downs, but that is how we know it is working. My role as a therapist is not to lead nor do I have the answers for you. And there are no magic wands or reading minds involved 🙂


As an Integrative Counsellor my role is...

to accompany my you in your therapeutic journey with love and acceptance,

to provide a safe space for your the exploration to happen,

to suggest tools that will empower you during this process.

How it Works

1. First contact.

If you are thinking about starting therapy and you believe you can benefit from my services please contact me using the website form, via email at info@amaltheatherapy.com or call 07342891955.

Please note that I can work with you in English or Greek.

2. What happens next.

Once I receive your message, I will get back to you within 2 working days to discuss about arranging a free of charge first meeting. I would love to meet you and answer any questions you might have.

3. What happens in the first meeting.

The purpose of our first meeting is to get to know each other and to discuss what brings you to therapy, what you are looking to get out of it, ways we can work together, availability, cost and anything else that might concern you. If we feel we can work together we set the time and day and the journey begins.

In case you are a parent interested in referring your child please note the first free assessment will be with you the parent/s only and there will be a second one with the child before we decide to go forward.

The first free of charge meeting will last 50 minutes and it can take place in person in Finchley Central in London, via telephone or via internet through a web camera. Please note that for a web session you will need a computer with access to internet and a camera.

4. How often we will meet.

A necessary element in Counselling and Psychotherapy is consistency. The meetings need to take place at the same time, day and place every week as that regularity reinforces the feeling of familiarity and safety for both of us. Also, the frequency needs to be at least weekly for the meetings to be fruitful.

5. Where do we meet.

Our meetings can take place in person in Finchley Central. My office is very close to the tube station, with free on street parking. If you are an older adolescent or adult I can also offer you cyber therapy (web camera, telephone, etc) and Walking Therapy in parks around Finchley and Mill Hill.

I am strong believer in equal opportunities, so if due to your circumstances your needs cannot be accommodated by any of these options i.e. someone with a disability, a single parent with very young children and no childcare etc. let’s talk and find a solution that works for both of us. Parents with young babies are very welcome to come with their little one!

The duration of each session is 50 minutes.

6. Cancellation policy.

While we meet, I have a 24 hours cancellation policy, which means if our session is cancelled in less than 24 hours or if you fail to attend a session l will have to charge you for the session. If an emergency comes up, I will try to offer an alternative slot, if possible, but please be mindful of the importance for consistency in therapy.

7. Ending.

Finally when we decide our journey is coming to an end, and of course that suggestion can come from you or me or both, as with any other relationship there has to be a closure. To allow a proper closure we will have 4 more sessions after we agree to an ending.


I will be happy to answers any questions you may have.

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