Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Everything said during our sessions is confidential. However, if you talk to me about yourself or someone else being at risk of serious harm, I will have to contact your GP or talk to someone to ensure the safety of the party in danger. I will always talk with you in advance and explain what will be discussed, with who and for what reason.

2. Clients can take up to max 6 weeks holidays per year and no more than 4 weeks on a roll. The reason for this is that even when you are away, I will have to keep the slot available for you. If your circumstances are such that you believe you will not be able to meet this condition, please talk with me.

3. I have a 24 hours cancellation policy, which means if our session is cancelled in less than 24 hours or if you fail to attend a session l will have to charge for the session.

Please note that after 4 continuous cancellations our contract will automatically come to an end. In that case I will try to contact you about the ending.

4. Payments for the sessions can be made in cash or through bank transfer. Also, they can be made on the day of each session, monthly or you can buy a specific block/set of sessions. It is important for me that we find a payment plan and method that you are comfortable with.

Please note that I will be happy to discuss if your financial circumstances have changed so we can find a solution that suits us both. However, after 4 unplanned missed payments our contract will automatically come to an end.

5. You are very welcome to connect with all Amalthea Therapy social media accounts. In fact please do! However, any ‘friendship’ requests or contacts to the Therapist’s personal social media accounts will be ignored in order to preserve the integrity of the therapeutic relationship and protect confidentiality.