Let's Talk about Floortime

Floortime is a child centred, play based approach developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan. The approach’s aim is to help children with autism to climb the developmental ladder and to ‘develop who they are rather than what their diagnosis says’ (S. Greenspan).

With Floortime children are meet at their developmental level and by following the child’s natural interests, by emotionally attuning with them and by playfully challenging them at the same time the child is guided towards building relationships and move forward intellectually and emotionally.

The approached is relationship-centered and therapists and parents engage children through the activities each child enjoys. Floortime usually takes place at the child’s house and therapists work with the child and their parents, teaching them how to direct their children into increasingly complex interactions. Families are encouraged to use Floortime principals in their daily lives.

Please contact me for any further information about this approach and how it can work for your family and child.